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Pule O Ikaika Ohana is a non-profit production house based out of Hawaii that was created to serve military veterans, active military, military reservists, Native ​Hawaiians and their dependents by creating a place of community.

Not only do we seek to create a place that will bring people together that are having mutual issues but also to give them an outlet and the chance to be involved in creating their own media productions. A place where they can have a way to learn skills such as photography, videography, webdesign, etc. To be able to then apply all that and have the option to one day use what they learn to tell their stories by using our equipment and resources. To be able to ​have the opportunity to work or intern with any of our partners or other businesses that come to us looking for trained and highly capable employees.


Pule O Ikaika Ohana was initially created by a group of former military, military veterans and civilians in response to veteran suicide, a lack of suitable transition/educational support to former military, and also to generally increase public awareness to situations faced by veterans after they separate from the military.

Since the non profit started, we have slowly been increasing the types of programs offered. Now, besides our initial program for military veterans, we have begun creating programs for active military and Native Hawaiians as well.

We aim to raise awareness of the issues that veterans may face during and after their time in the military through the creation of our own original projects. In these projects, we will be employing a "veteran's first" hiring initiative in an effort to provide employment and also to offer therapy in a working environment while being amongst their peers.

For our Native Hawaiian clients, we recognize that their rich culture and history provides the chance for unique perspectives that must be told. We hope to be able to help provide whatever means and resources we can provide for more of their stories to be told.

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