Pule O Ikaika Ohana

About Us

Pule O Ikaika Ohana is a non-profit production house based out of Hawaii that was created to serve military veterans, active military, military reservists, and their dependents by creating a place of community. Not only do we seek to create a place that will bring our clients together that are having mutual issues but also to give them an outlet and to transition from military to civilian life by learning in demand skills.

Our main mission is to provide instructional opportunities. When we are working on our own productions, our clients are able to come in to learn and practice skills based on the type of work we are doing.

We also encourage and support our clients in works that they are looking to create their own work and to tell their story as well. Any and all of our equipment and resources that we have available are ready for use upon request for that purpose.

Lastly, when are hired out as a production company by the public, we open up the opportunity for our clients to come in for paid work. Not only does this provide a good chance to have our clients build up their resumes and portfolios, but it gives them experience in the field as well. It also makes sure that those hiring us are getting their finished product done by trained and highly capable employees.


Pule O Ikaika Ohana was initially created by a group of former military, military veterans and civilians in response to veteran suicide, a lack of suitable transition/educational support to former military, and also to generally increase public awareness to situations faced by veterans after they separate from the military.

Our initial aim was to raise awareness of the issues that veterans may face during and after their time in the military through the creation of our own original projects. In these projects, we did, and still are, employing a "veteran's first" hiring initiative in an effort to provide employment and also to offer therapy in a working environment while being amongst their peers.

Since the non profit started, we have slowly been increasing the types of programs offered. Now, besides our initial program for military veterans, we have begun creating programs for active military and reservists as well.