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C.O.R.E Gaming

As a creative studio, we recognize the impact that the gaming industry has on the military veteran community. Video games are an outlet for many of our clients during their downtime. In response to this fact, C.O.R.E. Studios is launching a new two part initiative.


Esports is an industry that is getting more and more support by the military to the point where the U.S. Army created their own official esports team. In response to this, we seek to support our veterans that are involved in the esports field or are looking to become involved as well.

From helping setup and maintaining a gaming rig setup/streaming station to the chance to be involved in several creative outlets to help get the word out to the public about their brand, we will be offering both technical and creative support to veteran gamers interested in our program.

In addition, we will routinely be doing giveaways and special events that will be available to veteran gamers that take part in this program. To be eligible for the giveaways and special events, we ask that fundraisers by the veteran streamers be held regularly to help offset costs to make this initiative a success for everyone involved.

Game Creation

For the veterans looking to get into the video game industry beyond esports and to actually get involved with creating the video games themselves, we are currently organizing a program to do just this. As a creative studio, video game design is a natural progression to what we do and we are looking forward to launching this part of the program in the near future. If interested, please email us at gaming@corestudios.org and we will keep you informed of when we launch this.